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Benito Nieto, Silver Jewelry Artist of Mexico


"I love making new designs for No Mas!"
- Benito Nieto






How We Discovered Benito Nieto

We didn't expect to buy silver; we were just enjoying a Sunday afternoon on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Among all the other beach vendors, one stood out. Abraham was selling his cousin's handmade sterling silver bracelets. All were unique, made of .950 sterling silver with natural gemstones. He invited us to visit one of his cousin Benito's workshops: by the Artisans Market or at the Marsol Friday Market by the pier on Calle Francisca Rodriguez.  It was the latter location where we met Benito Nieto.  Benito was accompanied by his English speaking friend, who seemed to be in business with him.





About Benito

Benito Nieto was born in Ismo Tehuantepec, Guerrero.  After meeting his wife, they relocated to Puerto Vallarta.  Now with 20 years experience in jewelry making, Benito was taught the art of silver jewelry by his uncle.  Today, Benito supplies numerous silver jewelry shops in Puerto Vallarta and has found a new international customer in Atlanta, No Mas! Hacienda and its sister store, 925.MX.






Benito Nieto Designs

Benito explained that he doesn't like to do the same design twice.  He's always inspired to make new things.  He includes in his designs an assortment of natural stones.  We selected: opals, jade, larimar, tigers eye and "Mas!"





The Sterling Silver Quality Benito Uses




Benito actually mixes .950 silver and fine silver, so the purity is higher than .950, but he claims the mark of .950.  Silver is a very soft, malleable metal.  An additional metal is added to increase the hardness, so silver jewelry can withstand normal use.  The "925" is the standard mark of silver purity for sterling silver, denoting the percentage of fine silver used.  So "950" silver has a higher percentage of fine silver than even sterling silver has.


Why We Like Benito Nieto

Creative, unique, .950 sterling silver, natural stones, limited production, handcrafted - Benito Nieto creates incomparable works of art in his silver jewelry.  Designs appropriate for him or her, with beautiful, resonating gemstones, for gifts and your own enjoyment.

Benito Nieto silver jewelry artis